Yachting Greece

Motor sailer charter Greece and Turkey

The Turkish Gulet motorsailer "Sea Beauty" is no longer available for charters. Please see below the list for available motorsailers for charter in Greece, Greek Islands and Turkey.  

Featured motorsailers:

M/S Blue Dream, M/S Odyssey, M/S Compound Interest, M/S Sally, M/S Golden Promise, M/S Hermina, M/S Almyra, M/S Clasship I, M/S Sea Beauty, M/S Bahabey, M/Y Arzu's Desire, S/Y Musto. The last 5 yachts are available in Turkey.

Motorsailer charter Greece and Turkey

Motorsailer picture & name Guests / Crew / LOA / Speed Euro Rate per day
Motorsailer charter Greece
M/S BLUE DREAM Motorsailer charter Greece
Guests: 8
Crew: 4

LOA: 30m
Cruising Speed: 10-13
 4,500 - 5,000
Greece Motorsailer charter
M/S ODYSSEY Greece Motorsailer charter
Guests: 12-16
Crew: 4-5

LOA: 33m
Cruising Speed: 10
16,000 - 22,000 - 28,000
per week for 12-16 guests
Greek Motorsailor charter

M/S COMPOUND INTEREST Greek Motorsailor charter
Guests: 8-9
Crew: 1

LOA: 24m
Cruising Speed: 11
Different Rates apply subject
to number of guests or events.
Ask for more info.
Motorsailor charter Greece

M/S SALLY Motorsailor charter Greece
Guests: 8
Crew: 2

LOA: 17m
Cruising Speed: 10
 1,500 - 1,800
Motor sailer charter Greece
M/S GOLDEN PROMISE Motor sailer charter Greece
Guests: 10-11
Crew: 4

LOA: 23m
Cruising Speed: 10
Greek Motor sailor charter
M/S HERMINA Greek Motor sailor charter
Guests: 10
Crew: 4

LOA: 31m
Cruising Speed: 11
Greek Motor sailer charter

M/S ALMYRA Greek Motor sailer charter
Guests: 10
Crew: 4

LOA: 26m
Cruising Speed: 11
Turkish Motor sailer charter
M/S CLASSHIP I Turkish Motor sailer charter
Guests: 12
Crew: 5

LOA: 28m
Cruising Speed: 9-11
 2,000 - 2,900
Motor sailer charter Turkey
M/S BAHABEY Motor sailer charter Turkey
Guests: 20
Crew: 4

LOA: 37m
Cruising Speed: 11
 1,000 - 1,600
Turkish Motor yacht charter

M/Y ARZU'S DESIRE Turkish Motor yacht charter
Guests: 8
Crew: 7

LOA: 2m
Cruising Speed: 29
 4,650 - 5,400
Turkish crewed luxury sailing yacht
offered for charters in Turkey
and Greek Islands
Luxury sailing yacht charter Turkey S/Y MUSTO
Guests: 5
Crew: 4

LOA: 21.95
Cruising Speed: 11 14
April: 1.150 Euro
May: 1.150 Euro
June: 1.400 Euro
July: 1.800 Euro
August: 1.800 Euro
September: 1.400 Euro
October: 1.150 Euro