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Services offered by Yachting Greece cover all your transportation travel needs in Greece by Sea, Air and Land.

Chartering and Sales

Our maritime brokerage services cover all needs of the maritime industry which include yacht management, chartering, operations, administration, maintenance, consulting and yacht sales.
For yacht charters we offer motor yachts fully crewed, sailing yachts bareboat or skippered motorsailers with crew (also available in Turkey) and catamarans bareboat or with skipper, hostess, cook etc and certainly we charter luxurious megayachts including Christina O!
Our yacht sales include both motor and sailing yachts.

Yachting-Greece has been in the maritime business for over 40 years and in yacht chartering and management for over 20 years. We represent and maintain the largest fleet of professionally crewed luxury yachts in Greece, having earned an impeccable reputation among charter brokers, yacht owners and repeated clients for having the highest standards of charter yachts with highly professional crews. We promote the yachts we offer for chartering to other reputable charter brokers on a daily basis with updates of their availability or new acquisitions by phone, fax or e-mail as well as updating constantly our website .

Charter Fleet Presentation:

Our charter fleet includes sailing and motor yachts. The motor yachts are chartered fully crewed at excellent charter prices and are subdivided to by size categories catering to owners and charter clients needs as follows: motor yachts under 75 feet , then motor yachts 75 to 90 feet, then motor yachts 91 to 120 feet, then motor yachts over 120 and finally mega yachts. All motor yachts have place of berth Greece with exceptions in the mega yacht category having only 4 with place of berth Greece, 1 in Turkey and the rest in South France Mediterranean. The Greek and Turkish motorsailers also offered crewed at excellent charter prices. The catamarans are offered bareboat with 1 exception that is offered crewed with skipper and hostess. And finally the sailing yachts which are offered as bare boat but clients can elect to hire with skipper.

Yachting-Greece charter services includes finding charters for your yacht, managing and maintaining the yacht's schedule of charters, maintaining and updating accurate information on our web site, and mass marketing to other charter brokers worldwide by mailing brochures, emails and faxes. With our yacht chartering service we can help you protect your investment, maximize charter income from it and remain the sole owner!
Our booking procedure is very simple and straight forward. In order to confirm a charter the broker must secure a signed charter contract from the client along with a deposit of 50% of the total charter fee. From the deposit, the broker will deduct the standard 15% commission and must forward the remaining 35% deposit to Yachting-Greece which will hold in a client escrow account until the time of the charter. The balance of the charter fee is due to Yachting-Greece 30 days prior to commencing the charter. The net deposit is paid to the owner on commencement of the charter and the balance upon completion of the charter.
In case the client cancels the charter, we follow the standard industry procedure which is that charter moneys are refunded to the client only if the charter dates are re-booked. If the charter dates are partially re-booked then the charter deposit is pro-rated and then refunded. If the charter dates are not re-booked the owner is paid the charter deposit less commissions. If the yacht cancels a charter or otherwise defaults on a charter, the commission on the canceled charter is considered an earned fee and is owed to the charter broker by the yacht as stated in the charter contract.
Our "Authority to charter contract” allows Yachting-Greece to act as charter agent for your yacht and to manage the charter calendar.
Regarding the chartering rate that should be placed for your yacht we have decades of experience in the chartering market and will be delighted to assist you in determining what is fitting.  
Should you need hiring of crew we can also assist you as we keep updated resumes of highly professional and experienced crew members because we know a good crew is the backbone of a successful charter.
Yacht Management: Yacht owners of large luxury yachts know that it is not strictly fun and pleasure but a tiresome burden the operation and maintenance of such a vessel. Large yacht ownership can be compared with the running of a company. In your case this implies that you must be on your toes continuously going through accounting, crew payroll, maintenance, maintenance bills, logistics and so on. Successful companies have good management and staff each one excelling in their area of expertise so the company runs like a well oiled machine. This is exactly what our yacht management team can provide you: expertise in smooth worry free running of your yacht so you can find the pleasure again!
Project Management: We can organize and follow through whether it is alterations to a new purchase, refit on your existing yacht or construction of a new yacht.

Operations - Administration:
We provide total financial management of the yacht's disbursements. We work from an annual budget. We submit monthly, quarterly and annual reports to the owner. We take care of bookkeeping, crew payroll, accounting, insurance, shipyard bills and so forth.
We will also undertake the task of hiring and firing crew for the yacht when necessary. A yacht must have qualified, experienced and polite crew from the captain to the last deckhand! We can not emphasize enough the importance of the crew. It can make or break the reputation of a yacht as they are responsible and in the forefront to provide a hospitable environment as well as safe cruising to you, your personal guests or your charter guests.

We can undertake complete maintenance service of your yacht or custom tailored according to your needs. We have maintenance and repair scenarios from major refits to shipyard projects and dry dockings. We have established relationships with many vendors and shipyards and when we acquire commercial discounts they directly benefit the yacht. We work in concert with the crew ensuring the safety and cost efficient operation of the yacht.

Yacht Brokerage:
The updated listing of yachts for sale presentation embraces the following yachts for sale that includes motor yachts for sale 150 to 58 feet then one mega yacht for sale in Mediterranean then one Gulet motorsailer for Sale in TURKEY , and finally sailing Yachts 65 to 3 0 fee subdivided to another 5 by size categories.
Our yacht Brokerage service in Greece offers buyers and sellers that need a luxury yacht superior service which will ensure that your boat is sold or purchased quickly and at the right price. Our yacht brokerage department offers full assistance with the purchase or sale of small, medium or large luxury yacht, premium or moderate vessels, motor yachts, mega yachts and sailing yachts. We are in the market constantly due to the nature of our business either to sell or buy new vessels in upgrading our fleet which creates a continuous flow of incoming or outgoing vessels. If you are interested in either purchasing or selling a yacht please e-mail us at  with a short description of what you need and we will contact you immediately.

 What our brokerage service does for the client:

 Yacht Consulting:
Yachting-Greece with its over 40 years experience in the commercial shipping and yachting industries offers consulting services in all aspects of yachting. If you need to buy, sell, refit, restore or charter a yacht our expert consultants can assist you in making the right choices. We are very proud of our team and project managers each one expert in their own field of operations which covers all facets of yachting. We will assist and provide solutions to your concerns like what is the right yacht for you, your needs and your budget. Our consulting service has all the answers. Purchasing a yacht: Consult with us before you make a commitment to an individual. With our expert guidance you will be able to approach the matter objectively in your search for the perfect yacht. Selling a yacht: You decided to sell your yacht but are not sure if you should offer it to a big or small brokerage company, take it to a boat show or advertise it, do some direct marketing or what else is there? These are important questions and we have the answers. Refits and Restoration: With our knowledge and experience of the industry we can help you decide how and where to go about refitting your yacht at a reputable professional company and with reasonable pricing. If you are a busy professional with no time to oversee the work while in progress or at completion we can do the overseeing for you. Chartering a yacht: If you are in the market for chartering a luxury yacht our experienced advisors will help you in finding the yacht that is right for you and your budget. We will need to know how many people will be onboard, how many days, preference in sail area and finally motor yacht, motorsailer, sailing yacht or catamaran?

Air Charter Services
Our Air Charter Transportation services in Greece include Private Jet Hire and Helicopter Chopper hiring chartering for discerning clients, business owners, executives and in general busy people on the go with valuable little time to waste having to wait in long lines on ticket counters at busy airports, to receive questionable service. Our super modern aircrafts are at your service, waiting to fly you to the destination of your choice, at the date and time of your choosing because you can not run your business or manage your busy personal affairs according to the airline's scheduled flights, you need to take a flight when you want to. Let us fly you to your destination immediately, in luxury, comfort and with superior service.

Land Transportation
Our Land Transportation Service includes Car Rental and Limousine services not on common everyday brands and models usually offered by car rental agencies but on prestigious brands, newest top of the line exquisite models from car manufacturers such as Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Lexus, Ferrari, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Audi, Lincoln.

We always strive to offer our clients the best products and personal service and we must be doing it correctly because not only we have survived in this highly competitive business for more than four decades but we keep on growing and expanding our business thanks to our faithful repeated clientele and all newcomer clients that we always look forward in transforming to Yachting Greece devotees.

Thank you for your continued trust and support.

The Staff and Management of Yachting-Greece

Additional Distinctive Services
We accommodate discerning clients desiring exclusive private transport on:

Yacht Sales

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