Mega Yacht "CHRISTINA O" charter Greece

Aristotle Onasis legendary megayacht CRISTINA O is avalable for private charters in Greece

Mega Yacht Christina O for Charters in Greece and Mediterranean

The megayacht "CHRISTINA O" is available for private charter in Greece Greek islands Mediterranean for your sailing holidays spring summer and autumn. Then winter time she relocates in the Caribbean and is available for charters there. Once upon a time Aristotle Onassis' owned the legendary mega yacht which he had named after his daughter Christina. Since the summer of 2001 the yacht totally refurbished and under new ownership is available for private chartering. If you were not invited in the past by Ari, Christina's new owners invite you today to come and cruise aboard the most famous and luxurious private yacht in the World!


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Christina O cruising  The Bridge Christina O Christina O picture of a suite Christina O picture of a suite Calla Lounge at Christina O The atrium at Christina O Stateroom at Christina O
Lapis Lounge at Christina O Aris Bar at Christina O Dining Room at Christina O Show Lounge at Christina O Library at Christina O Sports Lounge at Christina O Stateroom at Christina O
Jacuzzi at Christina O Jacuzzi deck at Christina O
Swimming Pool Dance Floor Christina O Play room at Christina O




BEAM: 36 Feet 6 INCHES
ENGINES: MAN 2x 2,775 bhp
CRUISE RANGE: Over 5,000 Miles
CREW: 34

Chrictina O mega yacht


Carefully restored by an apprentice of the original craftsmen, the floor of the bronze bordered swimming pool located on main deck is inlaid with an exquisite mosaic copied directly from the Palace of Knossos in Crete. With the push of a button, the
bottom of the pool rises above the water to become a dance floor!


Is located on the bridge deck and is comprised of three rooms: a large bedroom, bathroom and study totaling 678 square feet, the Onassis Suite will provide the ultimate luxury shipboard accommodations with panoramic ocean views. The bedroom features a king-size bed covered in fine Venetian linens, custom made furniture from Milan and Onassis' original Baccarat crystal wall lights. The wood-paneled study features the original onyx fireplace, leather furniture and handmade Austrian lamps and a writing desk features silver-embossed stationery. In the bathroom, which is complete with double sinks and a bathtub with six-head massage shower, LeFroy Brooks fittings complement the original rare marble finishes. The Onassis Suite features three large walk-in closets, two surround sound stereo systems with DVD and CD players and televisions.


Each stateroom, with dimensions ranging between 150 and 236 square feet, is named after one of the Greek Isles. Stateroom features include a double bed or two twin-sized beds with fine Venetian linens, seating area with antique prints of the Greek Islands, leather-inlaid bureau, mirrored walk-in closets, surround sound stereo systems with DVD and CD players and views of the sea. Bathrooms feature six-head massage showers. 10 Staterooms are located on the main deck and another 7 on the cabin deck.


Perhaps the most famous spot on board, where John F. Kennedy first met Sir Winston Churchill in Ari's Bar in 1957 and located on the main deck. The intricately detailed bar contains barrels and sea chests hinting of pirate treasure, whaling harpoons and an illustrated wall map of the world. The circular bar itself was originally crafted from the timbers of a Spanish Galleon, wound with heavy sailing rope and is adorned with footrests and handholds of ornately carved whales' teeth. It features a glass top over a lighted relief of the sea, which depicts the development of ships through history with tiny model ships that can be moved around by magnets. The barstools are covered in whale foreskin, a fact that Onassis delighted in telling his guests.


This elegant lounge owes its name to the breathtaking lapis lazuli fireplace, which is the focal point of the room and is located on the main deck, where Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor once relaxed. Bookshelves surrounding the fireplace are filled with rare volumes. Fine pieces of art including a Renoir, Le Corbusier and de Chirico line the walls.


A majestic spiral staircase highlighted by an onyx and silver handrail circles the atrium, located on main deck connecting the three cabin decks. A delicate mural winds up the surrounding wall and a central mosaic with the "Christina" Yachting emblem adorns the floor.


Encompassing half the promenade deck, the spa complex includes a fitness center, massage room, sports lounge and beauty salon as well as the sumptuous Jacuzzi Deck, fitted with a large Jacuzzi, an open air Champaign bar and al fresco dining.


The dining room on main deck can accommodate up to 40 people and features fine hand-finished tables, Venetian lace tablecloths, Waterford glassware, Ercuis silverware and a sunken marble floor.


Filled with books from around the world which are published in several languages, the library provides guests with a place to read some of the rare volumes or work at one of two writing desks is located on the promenade deck.


The Callas lounge on main deck features a grand piano, Italian furniture by Giorgetti and Maria Callas memorabilia including her sole gold record.


Equipped with a presentation platform, Giorgetti furniture, and huge bay windows offering panoramic views, the Show Lounge located on promenade deck houses video equipment and a stereo system.


This brightly decorated room on promenade deck provides an ideal spot for children to convene and offers a selection of toys for their amusement.
A fresh air system replaces the interior air approximately once every five minutes.

Other amenities: Helicopter Pad


Classed by the American Bureau of Shipping, the yacht fully complies with US Public Health requirements as well as the strict SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations for passenger vessels carrying up to 36 individuals.


The Christina O, famed for magnificent parties, can host events for up to 100 guests using interior facilities and up to 250 in the canopied deck spaces.


The Megayacht Christina O, has 5 decks as illustrated in this section profile so you get a better feeling of where everything is located. They are: Compass Deck, Bridge Deck, Promenade Deck, Main Deck and Cabin Deck.


Christina O mega yacht charter Greece

The aft part of the Compass Deck is a major sunbathing area of 1,500 square feet with lots of Sun Lounges, the Galaxy Bar which is an open-air champagne bar, 2 Wooden Hacker tenders 30 feet each and 2 SOLAS approved lifeboats 28 feet each.

The bridge deck bow to stern has the Navigational Bridge with an "open bridge policy", the captain's quarters, the famous Onassis suite complex and Central Atrium. The extraordinary Onassis suite is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the yacht, located atop the ship. The suite's luxurious furnishings and exquisite decor represent the gracious elegance of a bygone era and the views are spectacular. It consists of three rooms, featuring a wood paneled study with beamed ceilings and a fireplace, a bedroom with a king size bed and a marble bathroom. The Onassis suite covers an area of 736 square feet.

The promenade deck bow to stern has the Show Lounge, Library, Reception, Central Atrium, Elevators, Sports Lounge, Children's Playroom, Fitness Center, Massage Room, Beauty Salon, Jacuzzi Deck, Open-Air Bar and the Helicopter Landing Pad.

The main deck bow to stern has some Staff quarters, 10 guest staterooms, Central Atrium, Elevator, Rendezvous Music Callas Lounge, Dinning Room, Ari's Bar, Lapis Lounge, Swimming Pool and Outdoor Canopied Dance Floor.


Chrictina O mega yacht charter Greece





Christina O mega yacht charter Greece

Christina O mega yacht charter Greece







Detail of 10 guest staterooms located at the Main Deck (above).
Christina O mega yacht charter Greece

Christina O mega yacht charter Greece


A majestic spiral staircase highlighted by an onyx and silver handrail circles the atrium, located on main deck connecting the three cabin decks. A delicate mural winds up the surrounding wall and a central mosaic with the "Christina" Yachting emblem adorns the floor.

Christina O mega yacht charter Greece

Aristotle Onasis caught at the galley for a late snack!

The cabin deck bow to stern has the officers and crew quarters, the main galley, the engine room and 7 guest staterooms which are named after Onassis favorite Greek islands. The main galley and pantry is down, to starboard, covering an area of 600 square feet. Is outfitted with marble countertops, superior stainless steel sinks and state of the art kitchen equipment and paraphernalia for preparation of her famous five star meals. Ari Onassis well known for his "sweet tooth" was a frequent visitor to the galley for a late snack as

In this picture's foreground Aristotle Onassis (or "Ari" to his friends and "Aristo" to Maria Callas) and in the background Christina O at their favorite destination Monaco where they always spend a considerable amount of their time

 Would you like to charter Christina O?

Aristotle Onasis, the man the myth and his famous mega yacht Christina O

HISTORY of legendary "CHRISTINA O" in Brief
Originally built in 1943 as a Canadian convoy escort, the yacht was purchased by shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis in 1954. Onassis spent over $4 million to convert the ship, into the most elegant and advanced private yacht afloat. He named it after his daughter (young Christina Onassis in photo).

The yacht was Onassis' "floating home" from 1954 to 1975.

During that time, the vessel's guest list was the ultimate who's who of dignitaries and Hollywood stars, including such luminaries as Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, King Farouk of Egypt, opera diva Maria Callas and numerous others.

John F. Kennedy first met Winston Churchill aboard the yacht and two of the most celebrated wedding receptions of the century were held on her decks - Prince Rainier of Monaco to Grace Kelly and Onassis himself to Jacqueline Kennedy.

After Onassis' death in 1975, his daughter CHRISTINA donated the yacht to the Greek government.

In 1998, the yacht was bought by John Paul Papanicolaou, an Onassis family friend and shipping industry leader. He began Christina's three-year restoration, involving meticulous research, engineering and craftsmanship. "We're thrilled to reintroduce the fabled "Christina O" in all her original splendor," he says. "Having been a passenger aboard the yacht in my youth, I feel a special pride in bringing her forth to sail into the new millennium. The extent and attention to detail of her restoration would make Onassis proud."

Now, after more than a quarter-century, the yacht returns to sail into a new millennium in her original grandeur complemented by today's latest technology.

As her legendary past blends into the dawning of a new era, the yacht affords a first-time opportunity to experience the extraordinary lifestyle of the Onassis years.

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