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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Yacht Charter Greece: Bareboat Crewed or Skippered?

At Yachting Greece, we are frequently asked questions and advice about bareboat and crewed yacht charters in Greece and Greek islands especially from people who have never charter a yacht before. Is very easy to charter a yacht, the guidelines are simple and straight forward and is only the fear of the unknown process that makes people skeptical. For this reason, we have posted here questions we have been asked the most along with the answers that we hope you will find helpful, and disperse all lingering fear so confident with the newfound knowledge you will proceed in chartering a yacht in Greece that you so much want.

If by any chance you had a question and did not find the answer here, please email to us: and we will respond immediately.

Happy sailing!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about yacht charter in Greece


 How can I book and charter a yacht in Greece?

If you have a previous charter experience and know the type of yacht you wish to charter, just write to us and tell us the type of yacht you wish, or if you know the exact yacht you want, write us the name of the yacht, indicating how many days of charter you wish, the dates of the charter (so we can check availability) and how many people will be in your group just to make sure this particular vessel will accommodate all the people in your group.

If you are chartering a yacht for first time, just browse thru our website, decide on the type of yacht you like, and tell us if it is a sailing or motor yacht, motorailer or catamaran.

 When do I sign a contract?

When you decide on the yacht you like, we will send you via express mail six (6) copies of the contract signed by us. The contract is a national one, it exists only in one version, it is provided by the Greek Ministry of Merchant Marine and it binds us to provide you with the specified boat.

 When do I pay?

You will deposit an advance payment according to instructions. The rest will be paid according to the terms of the contract. You send us back five (5) copies of the contract signed by you. You keep the sixth as proof of payment for your protection.

 What size of yacht do I need to charter?

Depending on how many people are in your group, should find a yacht that will have sleeping accommodations for all the people. Each yacht posted on our website, has a complete description of the yacht, amenities and accommodations, so look for how many cabins it has and how many people sleeps.

 For how long should I charter?

During high season the length of a charter is 7 or 14 days.

If it is an off season charter, then days can be negotiated and agreed upon.

 What day of the week does charter commences?

Charters start on a Saturday, Embarkation time: 17:00 and end on a Saturday, Disembarkation time: 09:00. The reason is that the yacht has be cleaned and prepared for the next charter that starts the same afternoon.

 What can I expect when I arrive on the yacht?

You will tell us your expected arrival time and our personnel will be waiting for you on the boat. You will be provided with very clear instructions to reach the boat from the airport.

After a check-in to introduce you to the boat your long wished vacation will start. And we are sure you will charter again a yacht from us, as most of our clients do!

 What should I bring with me?

Make sure to pack your bathing suite! Bring sun glasses, suntan lotion, a hat, and beach towels.

 Can I charter a yacht bareboat in Greece?

Yes you can if you are a qualified sailor. See details below.

 What is a Bareboat charter?

A Bareboat charter is a yacht in which you will be the captain.

A yacht is offered as Bareboat only to qualified experienced crews.

Greece is the only country that insists on two members of the crew providing certificates. When you are booking a bareboat yacht, you must certify that you are experienced and competent in the handling operation of the yacht's size, type chartered, and that you have sufficient practical knowledge of seamanship and navigation rules.

 What is a Skippered charter?

A skippered charter is a yacht that has been chartered with a skipper (captain). A skipper is very useful to have not only because of his experience but also if you sail for first time in Greece let some one else to take care of your sailing needs so you have more time to enjoy your sailing holiday.

 What are the duties of skipper?

Skipper is the Captain of the yacht responsible for its operation during the charter, responsible for the safety of the passengers or other crew members and he is the ultimate authority aboard. The skipper is there to serve your navigational needs, he has his own quarters, but he is not the cook neither a baby sitter.

 How much does it cost to have a skipper, a hostess or a cook?

The daily rate for a skipper is Euro 130, for a hostess or a cook is Euro 110.

 Do I have to tip the crew after the end of the charter and how much?

Well, it is customary to tip the crew a gratuity tip if you were satisfied by the service you received aboard. How much, is up to you. Our experience is such however that we know for a fact you will meet your crew as strangers but you will part as friends because is the Greek hospitality spirit that drives these hard working professionals to go above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy the client who they consider their guest, You!

 Will I get any discount on my charter?

We always try to give generous discounts to our clients. Please keep in mind that the longer your charter is, the more money you save. Also the more far in advance you book, again the more money you save. Here are the discounts we offer and we hope you will take advantage of them.

 What is a crewed yacht charter?

A crewed yacht charter signifies that a yacht has a crew with more than one persons. It may be a skipper and a cook, or a skipper a cook and a hostess, or in the larger yachts the captain, officers, deckhands, stewards, cooks and so on.

 How about sailing itineraries, where should I sail?

If you have a sailing itinerary in mind, it will be a good idea to let us know where you want to go so we can offer our professional advise and tell you if it is doable in the amount of time you have your charter. Knowing your preferences we can work with you in drafting an itinerary custom tailored for you. If you have no specific preferences regarding sailing areas, we will be happy to recommend an itinerary to you.

 Do you have One Way charters?

Yes we do.

We have a complete breakdown below. Depending on the destination, please add this one time charge on the price of your charter. The prices are the same to / from or from / to.

 Are any charges that are not included in the contract that I will sign?

Yes, there will be marina fees, or Corinth Canal fees (if you sail thru there), or fees to Turkish authorities (if you sail to Turkish ports) or any provisioning or transfers you will require and the crew salaries.

 Is there a cleaning charge at the end of the charter?

 What happens if I cancel the charter?

If a booking is cancelled there is a 4% Administration fee of the total charter fee, and cancellation penalty fees will apply according to time table commencing the date the contact was signed up to 90 days preceding embarkation. If the yacht is chartered to another client, under the same charter rates and conditions, you will be refunded the cancellation fees minus the 4% Administration. Cancellation penalties time table:

If a booking is cancelled between 90 to 60 days preceding embarkation, the client is legally responsible for 30% of the total charter fee.

If a booking is cancelled between 59 to 31 days preceding embarkation, the client is legally responsible for 50% of the total charter fee.

If a booking is cancelled less than 31 days preceding embarkation, the client is legally responsible for the total charter fee.

 Do you offer transportation services over land?

Yes we do.

We offer car rental prestigious brands for hire and rent from a select list of top car manufacturers like Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Lexus, Ferrari, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Audi, Lincoln and other prestigious brands and additionally we offer Limousine service.

 Do you offer private air charter?

Yes we do.

We offer private Jet hire or Seaplane and VIP Helicopter Chopper service which comes very handy especially rushing to catch and land on a mega yacht's helipad.

Thank you for your continued trust and support!

The Staff and Management of Yachting-Greece

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