Helicopter VIP Chopper Hire Greece

Helicopters VIP Choppers Greece

Helicopter VIP Chopper charter hire in Greece
Helicopter VIP Chopper Hire Greece is offered by our Company Yachting Greece for your privileged personal convenient and comfortable air travel transportation needs in an extremely efficient and timely manner adaptable to your busy business schedule. Just contact our offices, give us the dates, the total number of people in your group, the departure and arrival destination locations of your intended air travel within Greece or abroad specifying the country. You may state your personal preference in Helicopter or VIP Chopper type and model and we will be happy to make the appropriate recommendation for a craft fitting perfectly your air travel transportation needs. Is as simple as this!
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Helicopters Choppers Greece

VIP twin and single turbine helicopters to hire in Greece. Models include 2 twin turbine choppers Bell 430, one twin turbine chopper AS 355 Eurocopter and one single turbine model Bell 206.

 Helicopter Model: BELL 430

Helicopter charter Greece Bell 430

Helicopter charter Greece Bell 430

VIP twin turbine Helicopters to hire in Greece

BELL 430 (Two Helicopters) Description:

These are a twin turbine VIP helicopters, which can carry between 6 to 8 passengers and 2 pilots plus baggage. It has a 2,5-hour flight endurance and a comfortable air-conditioned leather seating interior, making it one of the best helicopters in its class, ideal for long distance flights and heavy passenger loads.

Helicopter Model: - AS 355 Eurocopter

Choppers: Eurocopter VIP twin turbin helicopter to rent in Greece

AS 355V Eurocopter Description:

This is also a twin turbine VIP helicopter, which can carry between
4 to 5 passengers plus baggage.
It has a 3-hour and 20 minute flight endurance. The Twinstar is a versatile helicopter that can be configured to meet most flight demands from VIP transportation to photo shoots.


BELL 430
Price: EURO 2.600 PER HOUR

AS 355
Price: EURO 1.500 PER HOUR

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